What is this site about ?

  Well that is a good question, the main reason we created this website so you and your family and friends can understand clearly about our social group & us, some times when you speak to someone it doesn't come across to them exactly the way you wanted, so this is a best way we know how.

  Another thing as webmaster find a lot of websites that about organisation's or people that praising themselves, what I do hope that this site will have you coming back time to time to this website, and continue coming back to our social group, who knows this group may help us to be a circle of friends, that is good to be that be the way we would like it.

  We had hoped to have the new design completely finished and implemented by now, but unfortunately that is not the case... however, in the matter of getting ON with it and trying formation making it easy to use, The Webmaster have wiped most of the old site and replaced it with the fledgling new site. Testing email forms, and internal components on web pages take time too and searching for components to replace the existing or use existing ones for the time being.

  Until webmaster completely finish implementing this new design webmaster, we have another site mainly for older files and is for members only, please ask for it at socials.

June 2009
     We have  placed this site here for testing before we choose an ISP that is guaranteed not to  close during economic crisis few ISP hosting  companies have closed or scheduled to close. Geocities, Chilli, Hello, is some we know.
      We will try a few providers and  put these on a trial basis and currently trying to give site a whole new look as well data usage friendly for those on data usage accounts.

 20 June; Setting up members site and files and downloads held in a archived files area.


We thank Michael for designing and for the use of our new banner

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