Mission Statement


Liberty Impulse Social Group Gold Coast is a social group for gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender & intersexes who are comfortable identifying with traditional concepts of socials, who enjoy stream activities and who seek an alternative to the ways gblti people usually socialise.


We believe that it is important to question the stereotypes that gay culture often relies upon to define itself, and that a truly diverse community provides its members more, not fewer, choices and points of view.


We do this by fostering a fraternity-like atmosphere, where comradeship and friendships can develop in a  platonic environment.  


We are a social group. for gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender & intersexes


Recreation Activities

Think of a social activity, yes we do that as well, ask us what we have going at the moment.


We do not list all our activities on this website our social have different leisure interests every fortnight and month.



About Us
Pls note; as of May 2009 restructuring taken place, memberships have changed cheaper please check with our officials team regarding free memberships and paid memberships. We launched ecard (-coordinator)

Members  Information  Files
These are Provided with membership card to Members After Joining
at socials


Too Register For Gold and Silver Membership information available at meetings.
Life Memberships these are still honored by new committee, we have you on file.

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